Spring 2007 Newsletter

Since Global Justice Ecology Project’s last E-Newsletter we have been extremely busy.  These short blurbs should paint the the picture. Heartwood Annual Forest Council Keynote: Over Memorial Day weekend, GJEP Co-director Anne Petermann was the keynote presenter at… Read More

Connections Newsletter 2006

Connecting the Dots Program Accomplishments Community Potlucks From April 2006 through March 2007 we organized seven monthly Hinesburg Community Potlucks.  We now have close to 100 people from our local community on our potluck mailing list.  The potlucks… Read More

STOP GE Trees Campaign in 2006

STOP GE Trees Campaign Accomplishments Actions Against ArborGen in the Southeast US The STOP GE Trees Campaign launched a major  organizing drive in the Southeast US in September and October 2006.  The Southeast US is a global hub… Read More