UN promoting potentially genocidal policy at World Climate Summit

  Dec. 8, 2015 (Paris) – At the foot of a miniature Eiffel Tower, civil society, environmentalists and  Indigenous Peoples rejected REDD, a carbon market mechanism, land-grabbing false solution to climate change that could potentially cause genocide, at the World… Read More

WATCH: Historic Kayak Action demands Indigenous Peoples Rights in Paris Climate Accord

Paris –  An all-Indigenous flotilla of kayaks took to the waters of Paris today, followed by a press conference  featuring Indigenous leaders from the Americas delivering strong messages: warnings of the worst consequences of climate change, and holistic… Read More

Earth Watch: GJEP’s Anne Petermann on #COP21

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Anne Petermann was a recent guest on the Sojourner Truth Radio Show hosted by Margaret Prescod on KPFK radio out of Los Angeles. Petermann discussed the COP21 climate conferences in Paris and the false climate… Read More

Earth Watch: Maxime Combes of ATTAC France on #COP21

Economist and ATTAC France member Maxime Combes was a guest on a recent segment on The Sojourner Truth Radio Show hosted by Margaret Prescod. Combes discussed Paris’ clampdown on protest activity surrounding the COP21 climate conference. The eyes of… Read More

LISTEN: Civil and Uncivil Society in Climate Activism, COP21

Prior to taking off to Paris for COP21, University of Southern California international relations professor Shannon Gibson spoke to Uprising Radio host Sonali Kolhatkar about the role of civil and uncivil society in climate activism. Outside the meeting, where climate… Read More

Things I Have Learnt Since Being at the Paris Climate Talks

By Kevin Smith Global Justice Now It’s big, it’s dizzying and it’s inside an enormous aircraft hangar. Everyone seems to run around in a constant frenzy, people are dressed up as polar bears and penguins and handing out… Read More

Paths Beyond Paris: Movements, Action and Solidarity Towards Climate Justice

After over 20 years of international climate change negotiations, talks continue to move further away from identifying the root causes of the climate crisis. These short, sharp articles highlight years of struggle, passion and commitment towards environmental, social… Read More

WATCH: Rapper Jendog Lonewolf Releases “Stop REDD!” Music Video

As the COP21 Climate Conference continues in Paris, rapper Jendog Lonewolf has released a timely music video, titled “Stop REDD!” The video is produced by the Indigenous Environmental Network and Kiss The Sky. According to her website, ILoveJendog.com,… Read More

Activists Stage Treesit in Paris Alongside COP21

Early this morning, December 3rd, 2015, three activists from three separate forest occupation groups across Europe ascended a tree in Parc Monceau, a public park in Paris, France. Activists representing the Hambach forest occupation in Germany,  the Stop… Read More

Let’s Take Over the BNP Headquarters!

BNP Paribas will not leave the Cayman Islands: on December 3rd, we are taking over the BNP headquarters! On Monday, November 23, a group of “chair stealers” (1) was received by representatives of the executive management of Groupe… Read More