North American GE Trees Strategy Session

Global Justice Ecology Project is hosting the North American STOP GE Trees Campaign strategy session August 15-16. We have representation from Canada and from the U.S.’s Northwest, South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast.  We’ll be discussing a myriad of… Read More

World Rainforest Movement Southern Hub for STOP GE Trees Campaign

In November 2006 Uruguay-based World Rainforest Movement agreed to be the Southern Hub of the STOP GE Trees Campaign.  WRM will help distribute information on the dangers of GE trees and the plans by industry to develop GE… Read More

GJEP at the World Social Forum, January 2007

Global Justice Ecology Project at the World Social ForumNairobi, Kenya January 20-25, 2007 Global Justice Ecology Project Co-director Orin Langelle traveled to the World Social Forum in Nairobi as part of a Global Forest Coalition delegation tasked with raising… Read More