Press Release: USDA Decision on GE Poplars

ISIS Press Release 07/03/08 USDA FONSI for Transgenic Poplars Absurd & Dangerous Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of the Insititute for Science in Society (ISIS) expose cavalier risk assessment that ignores existing evidence and takes absence… Read More

Groups Issue International Joint Commentary on GE Trees

Groups from all over the world joined together at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s SBSTTA meeting in Rome, Italy in February to demand that the CBD issue a moratorium on the release of genetically engineered trees into… Read More

Statement Demanding GE Tree Ban Read at CBD Meeting

The following statement was read to the full plenary of the SBSTTA meeting of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity on 21 February, 2008 in Rome, Italy: GE trees are a tremendous threat to forest biodiversity, and to… Read More

World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Global Justice Ecology Project supports this call to participate in: PLANET DIVERSITY local, diverse, GMO-free World Congress on the Future of Food and Agriculture Bonn, Germany. May 12 – 16, 2008 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of… Read More

Unregulated Release of GM Poplars and Hybrids

This linked report details dangerous field trials of GE poplars in Oregon. It was written by Professor Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and submitted to the USDA in response to an Environmental Assessment (EA) prepared by the U.S…. Read More

Experts and Scientists to Meet In Opposition to Genetically Engineered Trees

Media Advisory                                                             August 14, 2007                            ***Interviews Available*** Contact: Orin Langelle /Global Justice Ecology Project    +1.802.482.2689 (office Tuesday)  and +1.802.578.6980 (mobile on site)Phiona Hamilton-Gordon… Read More

GE Trees and Aracruz Cellulose in Brazil: Urgent Sign on Letter

URGENT World Rainforest Movement Alert: Stora Enso & Aracruz Cellulose: new 78,000 hectare plantation in Brazil From: “Andrew Boswell” <> Thu, 9 Aug 2007Please see below for information from World Rainforest Movement about plans by the Swedish-Finnish company… Read More

GE Plum Deregulated Despite Overwhelming Public Rejection

Institute for Science In Society Press Release 26 July 2007 Transgenic Plum Gets USDA Non-regulated Status Based on False Claims of Safety Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho rebut USDA conclusion that transgenic DNA and RNA are… Read More

GE Tree Giant ArborGen Receives Approval for Flowering GE Tree Field Trial

GE tree giant ArborGen has received permission from the USDA to take the next step toward implementing their plans to develop non-native genetically engineered cold tolerant eucalyptus trees.  Eucalyptus is widely known for its extreme flammability.  In areas… Read More

International Plantations Meeting, Johannesburg, South Africa

A representative from Global Justice Ecology Project will attend an international meeting on plantations organized by the World Rainforest Movement  to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 1-3 November, followed by a strategy meeting on forests on… Read More