Z Magazine | UN Climate Convention: World Carbon Trade Organization

UN Climate Convention By Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle (from the February edition of Z Magazine) The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) once again failed to take concrete steps to avert the ever-worsening climate crisis at… Read More

Climate Change: Crisis and Challenge

Download Global Justice Ecology Project’s 8 page booklet “Climate Change: Crisis and Challenge” with the PDF below: Climate Change: Crisis and Challenge

GE Trees, Cellulosic Biofuels & Destruction of Forest Biodiversity

To read a PDF Global Justice Ecology Project’s article on the dangers of genetically engineered trees and cellulosic agrofuels (unsustainably produced biofuels) click the title below: GE Trees, Cellulosic Biofuels, Destruction of Forest Biological Diversity  

Joint Response to UNCBD INF/27 Paper on GE Trees

Below please find English, Spanish and French versions of the analysis document produced jointly by organizations involved in the effort to stop the release of genetically engineered trees through the UN Biodiversity Convention in Bonn, Germany 19-30 May… Read More

The True Cost of Agrofuels: Food, Forests, and the Climate

The True Cost of Agrofuels: Food, Forests and the Climate This report, co-produced by Global Justice Ecology Project and Global Forest Coalition (GFC), details the impacts of the large-scale production of agrofuels on forests and indigenous peoples around… Read More

From Meals to Wheels: The Social and Ecological Catastrophe of Biofuels

A leaflet on the problems with agrofuels (unsustainable biofuels): From Meals to Wheels

Z Magazine | UN Climate Convention

The February 2009 issue of Z Magazine’s “About this issue,” commented on the good and bad news in the current issue.  One of the examples was: Not so good news was the recent UN Climate Conference in Poland… Read More

Fall 2008 Newsletter

This newsletter is a quick update both on GJEP’s endeavors and accomplishments this past quarter and our future plans, as well as a thank you to you all because we simply cannot do this without your support. Click… Read More

MY TURN: Business tops climate for Douglas

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Biofuels Specialist, Rachel Smolker’s op-ed piece challenging Douglas’s climate change proposals ran in the Burlington Free Press. MY TURN: Business tops climate for Douglas By Rachel Smolker – December 31, 2007 – Jim Douglas… Read More

Z Magazine | Biodiversity Loses at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

One Leap Backwards for Biodiversity, One Giant Step Forward for Industry Biodiversity loses at UN convention on biodiversity By Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle (from the July 2008 edition of Z Magazine) The UN Convention on Biological Diversity… Read More