Global Warming Bill Outsources Solutions, Putting the Burden on Poor Communities in California and Mexico

By Jeff Conant, GJEP’s Communications Director Cross-posted from Alternet 4.21.2011 – California leads the United States in energy efficiency, and is often hailed as a global beacon of environmental protection; at the same time, it is the 12th… Read More

Interview with Santiago Martinez of Amador Hernandez, Chiapas

“If I go around selling someone else’s home out from under him, well, he’s going to get angry” Interview by Jeff Conant, GJEP Communications Director. Photo by Orin Langelle, GJEP Co-Director/Strategist Santiago Martinez is a community health worker… Read More

Key Arguments Against REDD fact sheet

Key Arguments Against REDD is a new 3 page fact sheet produced by Carbon Trade Watch with input from Global Justice Ecology Project and Indigenous Environmental Network.  It spells out numerous arguments why REDD (the international scheme to supposedly… Read More

A Broken Bridge to the Jungle: The California-Chiapas Climate Agreement Opens Old Wounds

Report Back from Journalistic Assignment in Chiapas, Mexico by Jeff Conant, (In addition to being a journalist, Jeff is also Communications Director for Global Justice Ecology Project) When photographer Orin Langelle and I visited Chiapas over the last… Read More

I Believe: ‘Change the system, not the climate’

By Anne Petermann, executive director of the Global Justice Ecology Project Cross-posted from the Burlington Free Press As the polar ice caps melt at an increasingly alarming rate, and rising sea levels threaten billions of people living along… Read More

Z Magazine | Outrage at the UN Cancun Climate Talks

Cover photo: Langelle/GJEP-GFC The February edition of Z Magazine features an article by Global Justice Ecology Project Co-Directors Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle titled,“Activist Outrage at the UN Climate Conference: World Carbon Trade Organization vs. the People and the Planet.”… Read More

Z Magazine | Biodiversity Conference Hijacked

Corporate influence continues to prevent action by Anne Petermann, GJEP (from December 2010 edition of Z Magazine) The UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) tenth Conference of the Parties (COP-10) took place from October 5-29. This, the International… Read More

Why REDD is Wrong

The UN states that the chief aim of its program for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) is “to make forests more valuable standing than they would be cut down, by creating a financial value for… Read More

Wood-based Bioenergy: The Green Lie

This new report from Global Justice Ecology Project, Global Forest Coalition and BiofuelWatch shows that increased support for the burning of wood to produce energy (bioenergy) is triggering increased logging and expansion of industrial tree plantations in the… Read More

GJEP on What Really Happened in Copenhagen

Global Justice Ecology Project attended the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December along with allies from all around the world.  Global Justice Ecology Project Executive Director Anne Petermann and Co-Director/Strategist Orin Langelle report in this month’s issue… Read More