The Defender: Genetically Engineered Trees On the Horizon?

Read Anne Petermann’s article, ‘Effort to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees in the US Takes Off!‘ in The Defender.  The Defender is the quarterly newsletter of Family Farm Defenders.      

Z Magazine | Historic Protests Disrupt GE Trees Conference

From the July-August 2013 issue of Z Magazine: Historic Protests Disrupt Industry Conference By Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project Executive Director and Orin Langelle, Global Justice Ecology Project Board Chair Hundreds of activists from across the country… Read More

Z Magazine | Rio Earth Summit: Tragedy, Farce, and Distraction

By Anne Petermann, Executive Director, Global Justice Ecology Project Source: Z Magazine, September 2012 As I flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 12 for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)—the 20-year anniversary of the historic “Rio… Read More

GJEP Report | GE Trees and Bioenergy: A Growing Threat to Forests and Communities

Global Justice Ecology Project’s report examines the status of genetically engineered trees and their potential use as a bioenergy feedstock; reveals industry-government-university-research institution collusion to advance GE trees for bioenergy; and describes the campaign to stop the genetic… Read More

Z Magazine |UN Climate Conference: The Durban Disaster

Photo Caption: GJEP organized a sit-in outside of the official UN plenary in protest of what came to be known as “The Durban Disaster”–a series of decisions in Durban that delayed action on climate change until 2020.  Photo: Ben Powless, IEN…. Read More

No REDD Papers, Volume 1

Global Justice Ecology Project has just published the No Redd Papers, Vol. 1. “No REDD Papers, Volume I is a must read for all who seek to know the truth about this mercantilist tool called REDD. It is also… Read More

Outsourcing Global Warming Solutions

Since traveling to Chiapas to investigate the California-Chiapas REDD initiative this March, I’ve written and published several pieces on the multi-faceted problems associated with offsetting California’s Co2 emissions by ‘investing’ in forests in the global South, and specifically… Read More

Why Market-Based Solutions to Climate Change Can Cause More Harm Than Good

A leading environmental activist from Chiapas talks about the threats faced by biofuel plantations, carbon offset programs and more. June 8, 2011 by Jeff Conant, GJEP Communications Director (Cross-Posted from Alternet) When I learned last November that California’s… Read More

New Ruling Puts California Cap and Trade on Permanent Hold

Implications Unclear for Chiapas REDD Program – by Jeff Conant, GJEP Communications Director (May 23, 2011) San Francisco, May 23 – San Francisco’s Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment (CRPE) announced today that it received the judge’s… Read More

Apartheid Housing Posed as Solution to Climate Vulnerability in Chiapas

Article by GJEP Communications Director Jeff Conant Photo by GJEP Co-Director/Strategist Orin Langelle Cross-Posted from UpsideDown World Friday, 13 May 2011 12:25 (To view the article including the photo essay by Orin Langelle, click here) The “Sustainable Rural… Read More