Dennis Banks, American Indian Movement Co-Founder, Dies at 80

“We had reached a point in history where we could not tolerate the abuse any longer, where mothers could not tolerate the mistreatment that goes on on the reservations any longer…”   Dennis Banks (1937-2017) was a powerful… Read More

Ponca Nation of Oklahoma to Recognize the Rights of Nature to Stop Fracking

San Francisco, CA – After suffering for years with poisoned water and serious health issues due to fracking and injection wells on and near their reservation the governing body of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma voted to pass a statute recognizing… Read More

The Depredation of Galicia: Behind the Scenes

Note: Given the rise of the movement for independence in Catalonia, this article on Galicia is particularly timely. Thanks to our colleague Manuel Casal Lodeiro from Instituto Resiliencia for this article. About Galicia (from Wikipedia): Galicia (English: /ɡəˈlɪθiə/;[1] Galician: Galicia [ɡaˈliθja], [ɡaˈliθa];[2]… Read More

Congressmen Push Sessions to Label Environmentalists as ‘Terrorists’

By ALAN PIKE  Originally published by   Environmental activists who sabotage oil and gas pipelines to protect land, water, and the climate should be treated like out-and-out terrorists, according to 84 members of Congress who sent a… Read More

The United Colors of Benetton Include Blood Red in Argentina

By DARIO ARANDA Originally published by   At the center of the forced disappearance of Santiago Maldonado and his subsequent death lay a global fashion company, Argentina’s long-standing extractive model, and the repression of displaced Indigenous communities…. Read More

UF, State of Florida Splurge Over $500K Protecting One Fascist

Students and Protesters Disrupt Spencer at Every Level    By RUDDY TURNSTONE Global Justice Ecology Project   While climate change is impacting communities all over the world, taking lives, destroying people’s homes and livelihoods — while people of… Read More

Indigenous West Sumatran Women Protect Forests

By Uslaini Chaus, WALHI Sumatra and Global Forest Coalition Originally published by   My name is Uslaini or Chaus. I come from a farming family of the Minangkabau indigenous tribe in West Sumatra. My passion in life is… Read More

Indigenous Community Judge Shot Dead As Colonial Violence Terrorizes Nicaragua

By COURTNEY PARKER Originally published by Intercontinental Cry   One day after she received an ominous warning, Indigenous Community Judge Celedonia Zalazar Point and her husband, Tito José González Bendles, were shot to death by Colonos in the… Read More

Chile Using Pinochet’s Anti-Terrorist Law Against Mapuche People

CHILE’S STILL USING PINOCHET’S ANTI-TERRORIST LAW AGAINST THE MAPUCHE FORMER PRESIDENT PIÑERA ARGUES THAT THE CONTROVERSIAL LAW NEEDS TO BE TAKEN FURTHER By Alejandra Gaitan Barrera Originally published by Intercontinental Cry The Mapuche territory, the Wallmapu, was never settled… Read More

WATCH: Argentine Indigenous Leader ‘Abducted’ From House Arrest

Argentine Indigenous leader Milagro Sala was barefoot as police officers removed her from house arrest and took her to to prison last week. Sala’s lawyer says it was as an abduction, as it was done without the notification or knowledge of… Read More