WATCH: Blockade Disrupts Klamath Watershed Salvage Logging

Via In the early morning hours before daybreak on May 2 in the fire-impacted conifer forest near Seiad Valley in the Klamath River watershed, 27 people including Tribal youth, river advocates and forest activists blocked the road… Read More

Daniel Berrigan’s Death — And Work He Inspired

I was deeply saddened this Saturday when I learned of Daniel Berrigan’s death. During the troubled times of the US involvement in Southeast Asia, his actions inspired many from my generation to stand up to authority. He and… Read More

160+ Farm and Food Groups Ask Congress to Reject TPP, Stand Up for Independent Farmers and Ranchers

The controversial trade deal will mostly benefit corporate interests WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has become a divisive issue in the nation’s capital, and criticism intensified after 161 food, farm, faith and rural organizations sent a… Read More

Intrexon Stocks Fall – Exposed for Being a Sham of a Corporation

On April 21, a report was released from Seeking Alpha condemning Intrexon (stock symbol: XON) as a failed biotech investment corporation. For the anti-GMO movement, this is a moment to celebrate. Intrexon, the owner of the genetically engineered (GE) Salmon,… Read More

The Right Rises Up as Latin American Left Faces Setbacks

Written by Benjamin Dangl Originally Published on Toward Freedom Fidel Castro, in an address to the Cuban Communist Party congress yesterday, spoke of his own mortality, mentioning that soon he will be 90, “but the ideas of Cuban… Read More

Lawsuit Challenges Environmental Waivers That Led to Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Suit Filed Six Years After Tragic Offshore Oil Spill Began WASHINGTON— Six years exactly after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people and unleashing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history,… Read More

New Report Reveals Biodiversity Offsets As Double Landgrab in the Name of Biodiversity

In September 2015 Re:Common and the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) carried out a joint field visit to investigate the Rio Tinto QMM biodiversity offset project in the Anosy region of south-eastern Madagascar. On the occasion of the Rio… Read More

WATCH: ‘Polluters Summit’ of Oil and Gas Companies Blocked in France

In the follow-up of the COP21 held in Paris last year, activists blocked the International Oil & Gas Deepwater Summit (MCE Deepwater Development Summit) held in Pau, France this week with civil disobedience and direct actions. Total, Shell, Exxon,… Read More

Public Concern Growing with Looming Release of GM Mosquitoes in Florida

A growing contingent of people are saying “No” to the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida. A petition with nearly 170,000 signatures against the release of the GM mosquito states the following: Right now, a British… Read More

Why Are US Southern Forests Being Used To Fuel European Power Plants?

On April 11, Global Justice Ecology Project co-sponsored the Stand For Forests rally against the International Biomass Conference in Charlotte, NC.  The rally was organized by our allies at the Dogwood Alliance, garnering media coverage from outlets like the Charlotte… Read More