Earth Watch: David Kureeba with the Global Forest Coalition and Friends of the Earth

KPFK radio’s Sojourner Truth radio show continued its daily coverage of the COP 21 UN Summit on the climate on Dec. 8. Mary Louis Malig, an activist researcher & policy analyst fighting for economic justice with the Global Forest Coalition,… Read More

Earth Watch: GJEP’s Anne Petermann on #COP21

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Anne Petermann was a recent guest on the Sojourner Truth Radio Show hosted by Margaret Prescod on KPFK radio out of Los Angeles. Petermann discussed the COP21 climate conferences in Paris and the false climate… Read More

Earth Watch: Maxime Combes of ATTAC France on #COP21

Economist and ATTAC France member Maxime Combes was a guest on a recent segment on The Sojourner Truth Radio Show hosted by Margaret Prescod. Combes discussed Paris’ clampdown on protest activity surrounding the COP21 climate conference. The eyes of… Read More

LISTEN: Civil and Uncivil Society in Climate Activism, COP21

Prior to taking off to Paris for COP21, University of Southern California international relations professor Shannon Gibson spoke to Uprising Radio host Sonali Kolhatkar about the role of civil and uncivil society in climate activism. Outside the meeting, where climate… Read More


The Oct. 7 Earth Watch segment on the Sojourner Truth radio show featured an interview with Kandi Mossett. Mossett began her work with the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) as Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator, engaging with more than 30 tribal colleges… Read More

EARTH WATCH: Ruddy Turnstone from the Campaign to STOP GE Trees

The Sept. 24 Earth Watch segment on the Sojourner Truth radio show featured an interview with Ruddy Turnstone. Turnstone is a GE trees campaigner for Global Justice Ecology Project, working to ban genetically engineered trees from commercialization globally. She has also been… Read More

Earth Watch: Panagioti Tsolkas from the Human Rights Defense Center

This week’s Earth Watch guest is Panagioti Tsolkas. Tsolkas works at Human Rights Defense Center in November 2014, coordinating community outreach efforts and volunteer involvement. He also directs HRDC’s Prison Ecology Project, which maps the connections between mass incarceration and… Read More

Earth Minute: Reporting from The World Forestry Conference in Durban, South Africa

Today, I am reporting from Durban, South Africa, where I am presenting at the people’s alternative event, organized to oppose the corporate and timber industry dominated World Forestry Congress, a project of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. last night,… Read More


Victor Puertas is an Indigenous, migrant Peruvian man. Civil war and Environmental destruction brought him to the United States, where he currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah in occupied territories of the Shoshone Nation. Victor works as an organizer with three different organizations: Reclaim Turtle… Read More

GJEP Board Member Clayton Thomas Muller on Spur Radio

Global Justice Ecology Project board member Clayton Thomas Muller of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba, long-time facilitator and activist for indigenous self-determination and environmental justice; American activist and public intellectual Dr. Cornel West; along with Shahina Siddiqui,… Read More