GJEP Board Member Clayton Thomas Muller on Spur Radio

Global Justice Ecology Project board member Clayton Thomas Muller of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba, long-time facilitator and activist for indigenous self-determination and environmental justice; American activist and public intellectual Dr. Cornel West; along with Shahina Siddiqui,… Read More

Earth Watch: Will Benington, volunteer organizer with Rising Tide Vermont

This week’s Earth Watch guest is Will Benington, volunteer organizer with Rising Tide Vermont.  On July 7, Rising Tide Vermont, Earth First!, Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp and other groups from across the country participated in a day… Read More

Earth Minute: Federal judge strikes down GMO moratorium in Maui

On June 30, a federal judge in Maui struck down that county’s moratorium on the cultivation of GMOs. This is the third of three challenges to county laws in Hawaii restricting GMOs. In each case, the court held… Read More

Earth Minute: Jackson County, Oregon GMO ban upheld

This week’s Earth Minute revolves around a ban in Jackson County, Oregon that prohibited the planting of genetically engineered (GE) crops in the county. Soon after, opponents backed by Monsanto and their allies went to work trying to overrule voters in court…. Read More

Audio – Food Chain Radio News: Africa and America

FOOD CHAIN RADIO NEWS Michael Olson, Author & Urban Farming Agriculturalist Africa and America Can we in the developed world learn from those in the developing world? Guests: Godfrey Kasozi, Center for Environment Technology and Rural Development, Uganda; and Rural… Read More

EARTH WATCH: Margaret Flowers, co-director of PopularResistance.org on TPP and Fast Track

On April 30, Margaret Flowers a pediatrician from Baltimore, the co-director of PopularResistance.org and co-host of Clearing the FOG radio, was featured recently on the Earth Watch segment as part of the Sojourner Truth Radio Show with Margaret Prescod,… Read More


On April 28, Anne Petermann followed up on the recent North East Climate Organizers Summit in Northampton, Massachusetts, where the theme was “Why and how to organize action on climate change toward our goal of a socially, economically… Read More

Earth Watch: Anne Petermann of the Campaign to Stop GE Trees, GJEP

On April 16, our own Anne Petermann was featured on a recent Earth Watch segment as part of the Sojourner Truth Radio Show with Margaret Prescod, which airs Tuesday through Friday on KPFK Radio from 7 to 8 AM… Read More

Earth Watch: Environmentalist Chris Zinda taking on biomass business in Oregon

On April 2, Chris Zinda, an environmentalist working to prevent Red Rocks Biofuels from developing processing plants for convert Oregon’s trees into diesel and jet fuels, was the “Earth Watch” guest for the Sojourner Truth show on KPFK FM radio. GJEP partners… Read More

Earth Minute: Anne Petermann on clearcutting of trees in the Amazon

TRANSCRIPT: Right now Brazil is moving forward with plans to clearcut millions of trees in the Amazon to make way for hydroelectric dams, built to power mines and aluminum smelters. But the indigenous Mundurukú people are standing up… Read More