21 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

CLIMATE CHANGE MULTIPLIES THE THREATS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES (19 April 2020) Truthout: As the novel coronavirus continues to rage like a wildfire across the planet, its devastating toll has left many asking whether climate change — another multifaceted… Read More

20 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

THE US’S FAILED RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC IS ROOTED IN ANTI-BLACKNESS (20 April 2020) Truthout: With the speed of lightning, the coronavirus crisis is waking all of the U.S. up to a reality most Black people have known… Read More

The Guardian: Missionaries Banned From Amazon Indigenous Reserve

Amazon River, Santarem, Brazil. Photo: courtesy of World Rainforest Movement Brazil: judge bans missionaries from indigenous reserve over Covid-19 fears The Guardian 17 April 2020 Dom Phillips A Brazilian judge has banned a group of Christian missionaries from… Read More

17 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

LULA: BOLSONARO LEADING BRAZIL ‘TO SLAUGHTERHOUSE’ OVER COVID-19 (17 APRIL 2020) The Guardian: Jair Bolsonaro is leading Brazilians “to the slaughterhouse” with his criminally irresponsible handling of coronavirus, the country’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has… Read More

International Day of Peasant Struggle: Neoliberalism and COVID-19 Impacts in Ecuador and Brazil

Maranhao, Brazil 2016 Photo: Petermann Note: We have been hearing very little about how COVID-19 is impacting countries in the Global South.  US news media is tunnel visioned on the chaos expanding in the US, meanwhile this is… Read More

16 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

PANDEMIC EXPOSES NAVAJO NATION’S WATER ACCESS CRISIS AND HEALTH DISPARITIES (15 April 2020) Truthout: As the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise in the U.S., fear is mounting that the spread of the virus could devastate tribal communities…. Read More

15 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

CHILE’S FEMINIST REVOLT CONTINUES IN LOCKDOWN (12 April 2020) Jacobin: Although it may sometimes seem that this pandemic has confined so many of us to the walls of our homes, and put the world on pause, time has… Read More

In Chile Feminists Continue Resistance Amid Lockdown

Women’s March Against Violence Toward Women in Temuco, Chile, November 2019. Photo: Langelle/GJEP Chile’s Feminist Revolt Continues in Lockdown Jacobin 12 April 2020 Javiera Manzi A. & Alondra Carrillo V. It’s been just over a month since feminists… Read More

14 April 2020 Daily Digest of COVID-19 News and Analysis

WHY WE SHOULDN’T PUSH FOR A CLOSURE OF CHINA’S ‘WET MARKETS’ (13 April 2020) Earth Island Journal: Now that extensive measures during what the government called the “Special Period” have been lifted, life has sprung anew in one of… Read More

Western ‘Wet Markets’ vs Eastern Farmers Markets

Photo: Church/GJEP Why We Shouldn’t Push for a Closure of China’s ‘Wet Markets’ Earth Island Journal 13 April 2020 Latoya Abulu The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I’m off to a so-called “wet market” in… Read More