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Tired of Cheap, Toxic Junk from China?
Then try Carbon Karma: The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift

By Sandy Klaus

Hinesburg, Vermont–Let’s face it, if you run an earth-destroying corporation, your Carbon Karma is bad.  What you deserve is a lump of fossil fuel in your Christmas stocking.  But if you’re like the rest of us, you can instantly improve your Carbon Karma, as well as that of your family and friends, by giving the gift of a donation to an organization working to promote real solutions to climate change.  Not only is this the perfect last minute gift, you get to skip the chaos of the malls and give something truly meaningful.

Why Carbon Karma, and not Carbon Offsets?  Here’s the deal: ‘Offsetting’ carbon isn’t scientifically proven to make any difference in fighting climate change [1] and therefore, won’t improve your Carbon Karma.  Planting trees doesn’t offset your flight to Vegas.  Trees only store carbon temporarily, since they release it when they die.  The carbon from burning fossil fuels, however, is permanent [2].  Supporting an organization that works with communities to protect native forests is far more useful since deforestation contributes over 20% of global warming emissions annually.

“When considering paying a company to plant trees to offset your carbon emissions, remember that not all tree planting is equal,” says Global Justice Ecology Project’s [3] Anne Petermann [4].  “Industrial tree plantations are not native forests.  Tree plantations harm wildlife, displace communities, and deplete fresh water and soils.  Native forests are important carbon sinks, refuges for biodiversity, home to indigenous communities and help prevent climate chaos.  It’s way better for your Carbon Karma to give that money to a group working to stop climate change,” Petermann continued.

How can you get better Carbon Karma?

•  Support a grassroots organization addressing the root causes of climate change.  Volunteer, donate and spread their information.  Help them find real solutions to climate change.

• Consume less stuff. Everything you buy has a carbon footprint, which may be substantial if it traveled halfway around the globe.

• Support local food producers, farmers markets, etc., and avoid buying food from far away.

•  Ride your bike, walk more, take public transportation, avoid flying.

•  Begin to learn how to live the low carbon, sustainable life that will benefit you, your family and all life on Earth.

All it requires is a commitment toward improving your Carbon Karma.  And this gift doesn’t require batteries and won’t end up in a landfill.

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Notes to Editor:

[1] see “Carbon Trading: “A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatisation and Power” by Larry Lohmann (editor), published by Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Durban Group for Climate Justice and The Corner House.  First Published October 2006.

[2] see C-Commerce, “The Shady World of Carbon Laundering” by Larry Lohmann, published by Taiga News.  First Published May 2000.

[3] https://globaljusticeecology.org/

[4] Ms Petermann can be reached for additional comments at +1.802.482.2689 or mobile +1.802.578.0477.  Additionally she can be reached via email at globalecology@gmavt.net