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on-lache-rien-medThe following call to support citizen events on climate to build a world of justice, sustainability and solidarity comes from Attac France. Note that the sign on letter is in French. At the bottom of the page, simply include your name (Prénom), phone number (Nom) and email address (couriel). Then click “Valeder” to send!

The people in Paris and Beirut have endured revolting massacres. We express our sadness and our support to all the victims, and we are determined to stand tall against the planned and random murder of innocent civilians.

What do the terrorists want? They want to scare us and prompt us to react blindly and brutally, taking actions that would only feed the violence circle. ISIS hit us in the places where we live and meet each other, to inspire fear, vengeance, violence, and draw us to hatred. They want us to join them in their bloody game, their war logic.

We are all targeted but we are not afraid. We do not succumb to anxiety, just as we do not accept the “shock strategy,” which consists in taking advantage of human, social and environmental catastrophes to trigger all forms of regression, restrict our basic freedoms and generate withdrawal. We want the answer to those crimes to be more justice, more solidarity, and more determination to combat anything standing in the way towards building our society together.

We claim our unity and desire to live together. We think it is essential to address the deeper causes: injustice, misery, war, inequality, racism, intolerance, human rights violations, ecological plunder, and climate disruption.

We support the citizen events that will take place in Paris during the COP21, such as the Climate March on November 29, the Citizen Summit for the Climate, including a Global Village of Alternatives on December 5 and 6, and the protest on December 12. These events are as many occasions to invert the current trend and win against fanaticism. They are the proof that another world is coming to life. A dynamic whose constituting strengths – emanating from citizens from all around the globe – take action to preserve our common goods and build a fair, sustainable and solidarity-based world. They work for what we share and what keep us together.

Click here to sign this letter of support!