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Global Justice Ecology Project Media Alert
2 December, 2010
Burning Forests to Save the Climate?
COP16 SIDE EVENT: Thursday 2 December, 20:15, Cancunmesse, Sandia Room

Large Scale Bioenergy, REDD and GMO Trees

(Sponsored by Global Justice Ecology Project and BiofuelWatch)
The scaling up of industrial wood-based bioenergy in Europe and North America and the promotion of REDD, biochar and GMO trees in climate mitigation schemes will have serious impacts on forests, forest dependent peoples and the climate.
A panel of experts from Global Justice Ecology Project, BiofuelWatch, Global Forest Coalition and Friends of the Earth Brazil will discuss the social and ecological implications of simultaneously attempting to reduce emissions from deforestation while creating a massive new demand for wood to produce electricity and liquid fuels.
Speakers include:
Camila Moreno, Friends of the Earth Brazil
Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project
Deepak Rughani, Global Forest Coalition
Rachel Smolker, BiofuelWatch
Contact:        Anne Petermann, +52.998.167.8131