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BREAKING: According to SumOfUs.org, Bayer has won the court battle to ban protest in the square outside its annual meeting (Legal document, in German, available here). SumOfUs members helped pay for the protest, which would represent beekeepers.

Court documents show that Bayer referred to peaceful protest as a “terrorist threat”. We want to help beekeepers appeal the decision — could you make an emergency donation to help their legal fight and defend the bees? We don’t have much time left.

From SumOfUs.org:

Bayer’s huge annual meeting is coming up in just a few weeks, and we’re going to make sure beekeepers can be there.

With your help, beekeepers will have their voices heard — finally — after seeing mass bee die-offs for years. It’s time Bayer’s own shareholders heard their struggle and force change from within.

Thanks to you, we’re on the cusp of winning some huge battles for the bees. The biggest battle will be to get Bayer to stop making the bee-killing neonics that are causing hive destruction and putting our food supply in jeopardy. Our best chance to do that is make sure Bayer’s own shareholders know just how dangerous its products are to our survival.

Can you donate to bring beekeepers to speak to Bayer’s shareholders?

Bayer has a long history of recklessly damaging the planet for its own profit. See our special feature on Bayer and Monsanto’s disturbing history here. An excerpt:

From Bayer’s systematic killing of and forced-testing on people in Nazi Germany, to their preventable spread of HIV to thousands, and Monsanto’s deadly development of Agent Orange, PCBs and dioxin, this merger would mark a dangerous new precedent for the biotechnology/biochemical industry if approved.

Together, these two corporations have been responsible for the suffering, torture and deaths of millions. Communities, organizations, small farmers and social movements are working to resist these corporations, and have made a resounding rejection of their merger.

A merger between Bayer and Monsanto has been in the works for several years. See our short video on Monsanto’s history of PCB contamination here: