Bonn Climate talks: Too little, too late

Photo and post courtesy photolangelle, November 21, 2017

Tetet Nera-Lauron from IBON INTERNATIONAL (with offices in the Philippines, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and Europe) wrote the featured article below after the UN Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany ended on Saturday.

Tetet is a colleague and friend who I met during UN climate talks years ago and we’ve kept in contact ever since.

From Tetet’s article “UN Climate Talks in Bonn: Too Little, Too Late”:

As the curtains go down on COP 23, the world sees more of the same, i.e. governments forever locked in negotiations with the same deep divides over the future of humanity and the planet, while cooking up ‘solutions’ that intensify environmental problems, to prop up the global system of economy, trade, finance and politics that has brought the world to its current state of multiple crises.

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