Aracruz Celulose allegedly used arbitrary arrests to obtain indigenous lands during the dictatorship

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A June 22, 2023 article by Dyepeson Martins, originally appearing on Publica’s website, discusses how Aracruz Celolose, over decades, allied with military intelligence to occupy properties and denounce workers in Brazil.

Note: this article was original posted in Portuguese on Publica’s website. It can be read in its entirety on Publica’s website in English using the Google Translate option.

Additional Note: Aracruz Celulose S.A. was acquired by Suzano S.A. in 2009

Here is a snippet from the article (translated into English):

It is still difficult to measure the number of indigenous people affected; however, around 12,000 quilombola families inhabited the region of Espírito Santo called Sapê do Norte — in the municipalities of São Mateus and Conceição da Barra — before the installation of the company and the occupation of the territories. Currently, the population of this area amounts to less than 2,000 people.