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16 NOVEMBER 2016 • 7:33AM

“American imperialism has not changed,” Lafazanis said Tuesday. “The US presidents and administrations have played – and still play – a leading part in the bailout-linked plundering of our country … and their interventions are drowning our part of the world in blood and creating refugee waves.”


Greek riot police used tear gas and stun grenades in central Athens on Tuesday to disperse about 3,000 Left-wing marchers protesting a visit by President Barack Obama, after they tried to enter an area declared off-limits to demonstrators.

No injuries or arrests were reported.

The violence broke out as youths in motorcycle helmets and gas masks, armed with wooden clubs and petrol bombs, tried to break a police cordon in front of a barrier formed by police buses.

Rioters retired to the Athens Polytechnic university complex in the city centre, the site of a 1973 student uprising, and engaged in running street fights with police.

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