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Sentiment during the uprising. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP
Orin Langelle-23 November 2019

Photographer’s note: Upon arriving at our hotel in Santiago, Anne Petermann and I hooked up with Biofuelwatch’s Gary Hughes. We headed toward the mass action up the street. Even though thousand of people have been detained, over twenty killed and over 200 people with serious injuries to their eyes, yesterday afternoon was energizing to say the least.

Not too far down the street I smelled tear gas and also smelled the smoke of marijuana. People, some masked, walked with a defiance that was amazing.

Streets were clogged with protesters. In areas of green space people rested, played music, sang and others formed a circle dance.

This is a revolution. Grim but with a sense of humor and high spirits. Emma Golman came to my mind with her famous comment, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in your revolution.”

And this is a revolution without single leaders.


Police vehicle. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Vendors. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Remembering a person who was killed. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Police vehicle shooting water at protesters. Note the person on the left who just threw the bottle that can be seen headed towards police vehicle. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Protestor scatter from water spray. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Headed toward major confrontation. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

The almost ever present tear gas rises in the upper right hand corner of the photo. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Person climbing to try and pry sheet metal from building to use for shields against “rubber” bullets. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Masked person looks toward the street. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP

Vendors continue as tear gas wafts. Photo: Orin Langelle/GJEP