Wally Menne

(in memoriam) Timberwatch Coalition Project Coordinator Menne is project coordinator for Timberwatch, an organization that monitors the impacts of the timber industry. As a specialist consultant at the Indigenous Plant Network (Plantnet), Menne also gives advice on the… Read More

The Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading

Note: Global Justice Ecology Project was part of the group that co-founded the Durban Group in 2004.  In his piece linked below, Chris Lang of REDD-Monitor who was present at the meeting, explains,  “In October 2004, about 20… Read More

Environmentalists Denounce UN’s Bioenergy Themed International Day of Forests

March 20, 2017: The UNFAO’s [1] “Forests and Energy” theme for this year’s International Day of Forests on March 21 [2] misleadingly promotes bioenergy from burning wood from forests as well as from monoculture tree plantations as “sustainable”… Read More

NGOs call for the Swedish Energy Agency to cancel carbon Credit Purchase from Green Resources’ Monoculture Plantations in Uganda

 By Chris Lang 11 March 2016 Courtesy of Redd-Monitor.org Yesterday, a group of NGOs wrote to the Swedish Energy Agency calling for the Agency to cancel its contract to buy carbon credits from Green Resources’ plantations in Uganda. Green… Read More

Animal Defenders Confront CEO of Skanska USA at His Home

Note: See this follow up from NoNewAnimalLab.com, BREAKING: No New Animal Lab Fights Back Against Skanska SLAPP Injunction HUNTINGTON, NY – On the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 16 animal rights defenders launched a march from Heckscher Park and immediately took… Read More

Outcomes of the World Forestry Congress: The Same Old Industry S*%t

17 September 2015–by Anne Petermann, Executive Director, Global Justice Ecology Project & Coordinator of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees I am finally getting the chance to send out my analysis of the documents that came out of the… Read More

National Radio Interviews with the STOP GE Trees Campaign

Press Release Featuring Global Justice Ecology Project Gets National Interviews on the Dangers of GE Trees On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, Global Justice Ecology Project worked with the Institute for Public Accuracy to put out a press release highlighting… Read More

Logging company pay damages for CA wildfire

Note: this comes from our friend Wally Menne at Timberwatch Coalition in South Africa.  Much of the timber industry’s future focus for industrial timber plantation expansion is to use GE trees–especially GE eucalyptus, GE poplar and GE pine.  Any… Read More

Potential Impacts of Tree Plantation Projects under the CDM – An African Case Study

In December 2009, Timberwatch released a preliminary report by Blessing Karumbidza & Wally Menne titled: Potential Impacts of Tree Plantation Projects under the CDM – An African Case Study    Click here to download the report After visits to… Read More