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Resisting Geoengineering and Other False Solutions on International Day for Biological Diversity

Geoengineering Monitor 19 May 2020

Coraina de la Plaza, GFC, Spain

May 22nd is International Day for Biological Diversity, and the theme chosen by the United Nations this year is “Our solutions are in nature”. This is a clear reference to Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as a strategy for mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss. At the forefront of these so-called solutions is afforestation, where vast areas of commercial monoculture tree plantations are set to be planted across the globe in order to soak up carbon from the atmosphere. In many cases, polluting industries will then be able to buy credits generated by these plantations to offset the carbon that they will keep pumping back into the atmosphere.

In response, the Global Forest Coalition is saying #OurNatureIsNotYourSolution, to denounce false solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises and the corporate capture of policy-making. GFC is asking member groups and allies to join in on social media on the 22nd against NBS greenwashing, and to spotlight ecosystem-based, community-led and gender-responsive approaches that are of far more benefit to the climate, biodiversity and communities.

Despite the urgency set out in the Paris Agreement and its 1.5°C target, governments and corporations have continued with business as usual, and many of the mitigation commitments made to face the climate emergency are still heavily focused on false solutions. These include carbon offsets, emissions trading and monoculture tree plantations. Increasingly supported with climate finance, these commercial activities dressed up as emissions reductions are little more than greenwashing.

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