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Send a letter of protest to ArborGen and the USDA! Reject the USDA secret decision to allow ArborGen’s GE loblolly pine to be commercialized with no government or public oversight and no risk assessment.  Send your letter here!
Sign our petition to ban all GE trees, including ArborGen’s GE loblolly pines and GE freeze tolerant eucalyptus plantations, because they pose an unprecedented threat to forests and communities in the US and around the world.
To join protests against GE trees near you, or to get involved in the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, email ruddy@globaljusticeecology.org
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Host a screening of the documentary A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Treesavailable on DVD or YouTube.
Download our GE Trees Action Toolkit GE Trees Organizing Toolkit
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