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Photo Caption: Fiu Elisara of Samoa speaks to the media during an Indigenous Peoples' protest at the UN Climate Convention in Bali, Indonesia in 2007.  He and other Indigenous People were protesting their exclusion from decision making that would impact them and their lands.  Photo: Petermann/ GJEP

Activist Journalism: Great journalists like John Reed and photojournalists like Robert Capa told the truth, and did not worry about being "objective."  The trend toward "objective" journalism, where both sides must be represented, where the truth must be counterbalanced by the untruth has no place in a just society, especially when corporate propaganda already dominates so much of the airwaves.

Media Programs Overview: Climate change links many social and ecological injustice issues.  It also offers clear opportunities to expose the intertwined root causes of these issues.  We strategically use mainstream and alternative media to expose the root causes of social and ecological injustice.  We amplify the voices of front line communities fighting the impacts of climate change, the fossil fuels industry and land grabs linked to false solutions to climate change such as industrial biofuels.  Our program includes the following:

• KPFK shows: GJEP produces weekly Earth Minutes and weekly 15 minute EarthWatch interview segments for the syndicated Sojourner Truth show on KPFK Pacifica Radio.  These interviews support the efforts of our front-line allies by getting them live interviews on drivetime morning Los Angeles and Washington, DC radio, thereby lifting up their voices and stories, and promoting their campaigns and breaking news items to tens of thousands of listeners.

• Climate Connections blog: We provide an important public education service through our widely acclaimed news blog.  In addition to providing a source for hard-to-find social and ecological justice news, we use it to support efforts of front-line allies by promoting their action alerts, protests and news items to more than 1,000 people per day.  In addition, the blog is linked to our facebook and twitter accounts, reaching an additional 5,000 people with each post.  Our following is growing by 150 people per month.

• New Voices on Climate Change Speakers' Bureau (Click to visit our New Voices News page! From there click on "About New Voices" to see our speakers list)

Over the past two years, through our New Voices on Climate Change program, we have successfully highlighted and amplified the voices of Indigenous Peoples, impacted communities in resistance, social movements and other on the ground experts.  Global Justice Ecology Project's New Voices on Climate Change program has paid off with literally hundreds of interviews and articles, raising the profile and projecting the messages of GJEP and our allies to millions of people around the world.

Media Accomplishments

• Produced A Darker Shade of Green, a video on Indigenous Peoples’ opposition and resistance to REDD, a key tool in building grassroots awareness and solidarity. The video has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese, shown at public events in the US and internationally, and viewed nearly 10,000 times on our YouTube page.

• Beginning in 2007 we served as media wranglers, reporters, and advisers for grassroots groups like the Indigenous Environmental Network, the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest, Climate Justice Now!, La Via Campesina, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, and the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance at international events such as the World Social Forum, the Indigenous Peoples Global Summit on Climate Change, the Cochabamba World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change (find the correct name of this), as well as UN Climate Conferences, UN Biodiversity Conferences, and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

• We Collected, collated, and exhibited thousands of original professional photographs documenting the struggle for social change around the world. The archive is available for use by other activists and grassroots groups.

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