Local Buffalo Organization Active in Paris Climate Organizing

Buffalo, NY (2 December 2015) – Buffalo based Global Justice Ecology Project (GJEP) is involved with the UN Climate talks in Paris through several different initiatives. GJEP’s Buffalo-based media team is working with counterparts on the ground in… Read More

First Friday Reception 11/6 celebrates first year of GJEP’s ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery

Orin Langelle’s Photo Exhibit featuring Peter Beard, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and others, warns of the dangerous effects of western “conservation” models which decimated elephant populations in Kenya and which are now being proposed for… Read More

Activists Arrested at Genetic Engineering World Headquarters of ArborGen

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Attempt made to inform ArborGen of quarter of a million petition signers rejecting GE Trees Ridgeville, SC (28 September 2015) — A plan by activists to inform Andrew Baum, President and CEO of ArborGen that over 250,000 people… Read More

“GE Trees Fall” Launches today with Action Camp in North Carolina

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Groups Organize GE Trees Fall Genetically Engineered Trees Action Camp and Organizing Tour Target Key Regions Threatened by GE Trees in the US Asheville, NC (24 September 2015)–As part of “GE Trees Fall,” activists from… Read More

Alert: Emergency Global Day of Action Planned on Four Continents to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees

MEDIA ALERT 2 March 2015 Emergency Global Day of Action Planned on Four Continents to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees Protests Tuesday To Demand Brazil Reject GMO Trees at Upcoming Biosafety Meeting New York – Protests at Brazilian Embassies and Consulates in… Read More

Breaking: Outrage Over US Secret Approval of Genetically Engineered Trees

Photo: GJEP and allies protest the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference. photolangelle.org Take Action! Click here The International Campaign to STOP GE Trees, Dogwood Alliance & Biofuelwatch Groups Condemn US for Bowing to Industry, Ignoring Widespread Public Opposition New York (29… Read More

Indigenous Peoples Unite to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees: GE Trees, Another Form of Colonization

Indigenous Environmental Network and the Campaign to STOP GE Trees Qualla Boundary, North Carolina (13 Oct, 2014) – In the shadow of Columbus Day and the legacy of colonization in the Americas, the Indigenous Environmental Network [1] and Eastern Band… Read More

Groups unite to call on Brazil to deny application to legalize genetically engineered eucalyptus trees

New York (4 Sept. 2014) – Two letters [1, 2] signed by hundreds of organizations from around the world were delivered today to the Brazilian National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) calling on them to deny a pending request by… Read More

Industry hype and misdirected science undercuts real energy and climate solutions

Note: In response to a recent media frenzy about poplars genetically engineered to create biofuels and “greener” paper, Global Justice Ecology Project, Biofuelwatch, Center for Food Safety and Canadian Biotechnology Action Network issued the following statement today. Genetically Engineering Poplars… Read More

Failed investment in Biomass calls industry into question

For Immediate Release: 1 April 2014 Bad news for biomass industry: failed investment marks a sobering conclusion to annual industry event in Florida Last week the annual International biomass industry conference was held in Orlando, Florida. Industry executives… Read More