Think GE Trees Don’t Impact Your Food Supply? Think Again

In the wake of controversy surrounding Measure 2-89 in Benton County, Oregon there has been fear that the measure will also ban the genetic engineering of trees. Indeed it should. Vast GE Tree plantations in Oregon and Washington… Read More

Florida Keys GM Mosquito opponents petition FDA

(While not technically GE Trees news, the push to release genetically engineered mosquitoes is another potential genetic engineering disaster worth paying close attention to.) Florida Keys residents who oppose Mosquito Control’s release of genetically modified mosquitoes have filed a petition… Read More

Researchers worry that GE trees will fall under countywide GMO laws

Obviously, we at GJEP hope that these worries are founded and GE trees are banned in Oregon.  GE poplars pose tremendous ecological threats in Oregon, and if they escape through pollen or seed contamination, could pose a threat to poplars… Read More

Brazilian public prosecutor asks for domestic ban on glyphosate

Prosecutor also launches investigation into whether authorisations for glyphosate-tolerant GMOs should be revoked. Claire Robinson reports The Brazilian public prosecutor has written to the country’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) asking the agency to perform an urgent toxicological… Read More

A Thousand Angry Women Say No to Genetically Engineered Trees

Photo: Petermann

In a piece published on the Huffington Post, Dr. Rachel Smolker, co-director of Biofuelwatch, and Anne Petermann, coordinator of the Campaign STOP GE Trees, review the actions of the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (or MST) last month, where 1,000 MST women… Read More

Not Just GE Trees in Brazil, but GMO 2,4 D-resistant crops too

From our friends at GM Watch.  Yes, its true, at the same time that Brazil’s “biosafety” commission CTNBio approved the disaster of GE eucalyptus trees, they approved 2,4 D resistant soy and cotton.  Remember 2,4 D?  The active… Read More

Brazil govt approves GMO eucalyptus trees: Groups denounce illegal decision

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GMO Trees Approved in Brazil in Violation of National Law and International Protocols Common Sense & Precaution Ignored Montevideo, UY and New York, US (9 April 2015) – Today the Brazilian Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) formally approved… Read More

Interview with the journalist who caught Patrick Moore with his pants down

As we gear up to counter industry’s misinformation campaign about genetically engineered trees (GE trees) and get the truth out about their destructive and dangerous nature, industry mouthpiece Patrick Moore handed us this gift – utterly discrediting himself for the… Read More

Growing Movement Against GMO Trees Protests Globally at Brazilian Embassies and Consulates For the Second Week

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Concerned citizens demonstrated at Brazilian consulates and embassies located around the world this week, as part of a second week of global protests demanding that the Brazilian government reject an industry request to commercialize genetically engineered (GE) eucalyptus… Read More

Report Backs from the Global Days of Action Against GE Trees

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Here are reports from all the amazing protests happening all over the world (with more to come!!). Show your solidarity with those fighting GE trees in Brazil! Sign the petition and tell the Brazilian Biosafety Commission to REJECT GE trees…. Read More