FDA Approves First Genetically Engineered Animal for Human Consumption Over the Objections of Millions

The following release on the FDA’s approval of GE Salmon is provided by the Center For Food Safety (CFS). CFS is one of GJEP’s close allies in the effort to stop genetically engineered trees. Center for Food Safety to… Read More

VIDEO: Forests for Life, not Business

This video forms part of the “Direct actions and Defense of the local Commons” series of the Biosphere Defense Project at the International Institute for Climate Action and Theory. It charts participants reflections and calls for change during… Read More

Could Britain Open The Doors to GE Trees in Europe?

TheGuardian.com recently published, “With 90% of the UK’s ash trees about to be wiped out, could GM be the answer?” featuring quotes from GJEP director Anne Petermann on the “unpredictable effects” genetically engineered trees could have on forest ecosystems if… Read More

Discussing the GE Trees Action Camp and Protest: Anne Petermann on AshvilleFM

GJEP’s Anne Petermann recently spoke with Bursts O’Goodness and William Goodenuff of “The Final Straw” on AshvilleFM radio. The conversation follows upon the GE Trees Action Camp and protest that took place in late September in the Carolinas. To… Read More

Growing Threat GE Trees Tour takes to airwaves before end of tour

What a great way to wrap up the Growing Threat GE Trees Tour! Mark Des Marets and Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher were interviewed by CFAX 1070 before giving a talk along with Ruddy Turnstone of Global Justice Ecology Project at… Read More

AL.com: Fast-growing GE eucalyptus taking root across the South

Ben H. Raines, reporter at AL.com, an online news hub for several Alabama newspapers, recently published an in depth look at Arborgen’s efforts to turn genetically engineered eucalyptus trees into a cash crop in the South. Some say eucalyptus,… Read More

GE Trees Fall: From GE Trees Action Camp to Protest at ArborGen to PNW Tour


Photo: Participants during workshop at the Southeast GE Trees Action Training Camp.  Photolangelle.org GJEP Launched “GE Trees Fall” with a series of events beginning on September 24th with a Southeast GE Trees Direct Action Training Camp near Asheville,… Read More

“Growing Threat” STOP GE Trees tour lands in Corvallis, Oregon

The “Growing Threat” tour made a stop in Corvallis, Oregon. Here is Mark Des Merets from Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NWRAGE) speaking about Oregon State University:  “Hey I’m Mark Des Merets with Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering… Read More

Video updates from “The Growing Threat” STOP GE Trees Tour

“The Growing Threat” STOP GE Trees Tour speakers Ruddy Turnstone and Mark Des Marets reporting via video from the Pacific Northwest tour, which includes a stop today (Oct. 20) in Seattle before finishing off in Canada in Vancouver (Oct. 21)… Read More

“​The Growing Threat” STOP GE Trees Tour In Eugene

Our panel of speakers presented at the Maitreya Ecovillage in Eugene, attended by members of the village, Cascadia Forest Defenders, and more folks from Southern Oregon Rising Tide. The ecovillage uses alternative energy, permaculture, and community building practices… Read More