TUESDAY 3 March: Emergency Day of Action to STOP GE Trees!

At the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate near you! See below for list of US locations and how you can take part. Take action in solidarity with Brazilian social movements and organizations to stop the legalization of socially and ecologically… Read More

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Dept of Energy NO GMO Trees for bioenergy!

Submit Comments to the Department of Energy before March 17th, 2015 Tell the Department of Energy: No Genetically Engineered Trees or Crops for Biofuels in the Southeast! The Department of Energy (DOE) has released a Programmatic draft Environmental Impact Statement… Read More

300 scientists warn about safety of GMOs

Following GMO apple approval, consumer watchdog groups highlight need for accurate media coverage on GMO science, point to lack of scientific consensus on safety of GMOs WASHINGTON, D.C. – On the heels of USDA deregulation of the Arctic® apple — the… Read More

New Mint Press article covers criticisms about US GE loblolly pine approval

16 February 2015 – Christine Graef of Mint Press published an article Monday titled “USDA Moving Toward Less Oversight, Regulation Regarding New GE Trees.” The article explains how “without regulatory oversight or public consultation, the USDA [has allowed] for the… Read More

USDA denounced for approval of first GMO Apple

Scientists, Environmental and Consumer Groups Denounce USDA Decision Major food companies, apple growers are already rejecting “Arctic” apple WASHINGTON – 13 February 2015 Scientists, environmental and consumer groups denounced the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s deregulation of the Arctic® apple,… Read More

78 Scientists Warn US EPA About Impacts from Wood Burning

Photo: Petermann/GJEP

A recent letter signed by 78 scientists, warns the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about the environmental impacts of burning trees for electricity, including rapid acceleration of deforestation globally, and increases in CO2 emissions.  While not specifically mentioning genetically engineered trees, the letter can… Read More

US Climate Plan promotes energy from trees

February 2, 2015 If the Department of Energy has its way, this will include GE trees In Politico last week (29 January 2015), Michael Grunwald criticized the US government’s support of bioenergy, focusing on radical concessions that the EPA… Read More

Breaking: Outrage Over US Secret Approval of Genetically Engineered Trees


Photo: GJEP and allies protest the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference. photolangelle.org Take Action! Click here The International Campaign to STOP GE Trees, Dogwood Alliance & Biofuelwatch Groups Condemn US for Bowing to Industry, Ignoring Widespread Public Opposition New York (29… Read More

New Genetically Engineered Tree To Avoid Federal Oversight Completely

USDA Refuses to Regulate or Assess GE Tree January 26, 2015 (Washington, DC)—A genetically engineered (GE) tree may already be planted in field tests, and eventually be commercialized, in the U.S. without having gone through any regulatory oversight… Read More

MintPress covers GE Trees

December 6, 2014 Christine Graef’s article for MintPress News brings to light numerous concerns that are raised by the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees, and its member groups, including Global Justice Ecology Project.  For more on the dangers… Read More