New Genetically Engineered Tree To Avoid Federal Oversight Completely

USDA Refuses to Regulate or Assess GE Tree January 26, 2015 (Washington, DC)—A genetically engineered (GE) tree may already be planted in field tests, and eventually be commercialized, in the U.S. without having gone through any regulatory oversight… Read More

MintPress covers GE Trees

December 6, 2014 Christine Graef’s article for MintPress News brings to light numerous concerns that are raised by the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees, and its member groups, including Global Justice Ecology Project.  For more on the dangers… Read More

Say NO to GMO chestnuts this holiday season

Anne Petermann, December 3, 2014 In a society rising up against the corporate capture of our food supply in the form of GMOs, a new untested and not-yet-approved GMO food is being promoted: the GMO chestnut. An op-ed in… Read More

Dr. Martha Crouch on SUNY ESF’s GE Chestnut

On 6 November 2014, news broke that SUNY’s department of environmental science and forestry would turn to genetic engineering to save the nearly extinct American chestnut tree. Using a wheat gene to create a new blight-resistant tree, the… Read More

Indigenous Peoples Unite to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees: GE Trees, Another Form of Colonization

Frank Billie of the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation from Florida.

October 13, 2014 Indigenous Environmental Network and the Campaign to STOP GE Trees Qualla Boundary, North Carolina – In the shadow of Columbus Day and the legacy of colonization in the Americas, the Indigenous Environmental Network [1] and Eastern Band… Read More

Groups unite to call on Brazil to deny application to legalize genetically engineered eucalyptus trees


 4 September 2014 New York – Two letters [1, 2] signed by hundreds of organizations from around the world were delivered today to the Brazilian National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) calling on them to deny a pending request by… Read More

Nature journal covers GE Trees Public Hearing in Brazil

Brazil Considers Transgenic Trees, by Heidi Ledford: While this recent article (August 27, 2014) in Nature ponders industry’s claims about the potential benefits of genetically engineered trees, the fact remains that thorough and independent risk assessments have been… Read More

Open letter to CTNBio to reject GE trees in Brazil

The Campaign to STOP GE Trees including Biofuelwatch, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Global Justice Ecology Project, Indigenous Environmental Network, World Rainforest Movement Statement in Support of the “Open Letter to CTNBio”: The Campaign to Stop GE Trees, an international coalition founded… Read More

The Defender: Genetically Engineered Trees On the Horizon?


Read Anne Petermann’s article, ‘Effort to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees in the US Takes Off!‘ in The Defender.  The Defender is the quarterly newsletter of Family Farm Defenders.