Key GJEP Accomplishments
Campaign to Stop GE Trees: Created and led a major international campaign against GE trees, which has so far successfully prevented their large-scale commercial release. Organized historic week of action at the international Tree Biotechnology 2013 conference in Asheville, NC in May 2013--including several arrests and the largest ever protest against GE trees. Won a decision from the UN Convention on Biological Diversity warning countries of the social and ecological dangers of GE trees. Assembled a legal team to challenge USDA approval of GE eucalyptus trees, which is discouraging investment and prevented GE tree company ArborGen from going public on the NASDAQ in ...

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E-Newsletter of Accomplishments September 2009-February 2010
Please click on the PDF below to download our most recent e-newsletter.The e-newsletter features reports from our work at the meetings of the G20 in Pittsburgh, our fall 2009 New Voices on Climate Change tour, the World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. GJEP E-newsletter Feb 2010.pdf ...

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GJEP Summer (Northern Hemisphere) Newsletter 2009
Information compiled by Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist, Media and Campaigns Organizer, Global Justice Ecology Project This e-newsletter provides a brief update both on GJEP's accomplishments since March and on our future plans. We appreciate any feedback. Let us know what you think by emailing us at ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter March Equinox 2009
See Global Justice Ecology Project's March Equinox 2009 Newsletter here. ...

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GJEP Annual Report 2008
Download our 2008 Annual Report for a description of this past year's endeavours and accomplishments.  If you would like us to mail you the printed version of the report, simply contact us with your name and address.  2008 Annual Report.pdf ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter Fall 2008
Global Justice Ecology Project Fall Newsletter 2008 - Information compiled by Colette Oesterle, Media and Campaigns, Global Justice Ecology Project This e-newsletter is a quick update both on GJEP's endeavors and accomplishments this past quarter and our future plans, as well as a ...

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GJEP Annual Report 2007
Download our 2007 Annual Report for a description of this past year's endeavours and accomplishments.  If you would like us to mail you the printed version of the report, simply contact us with your name and address. 2007AnnualReportWeb.pdf ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter Spring 2008
Global Justice Ecology Project's E-Newsletter Spring 2008It has been a long and busy winter for the staff at Global Justice Ecology project. In this e-newsletter you will find some brief updates on our work from the last few months, to keep you up to date on the progress of our work.GJEP Community Potluck: We organized our January community potluck with a presentation about our work at the UN Climate Convention. We showed a powerpoint slideshow of GJEP Co-Director Orin Langelle's photos from Bali.  A reporter from the Burlington Free Press attended and wrote an article titled "Hinesburg Residents Report on ...

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Download our 2006 Annual Report PDF
You can also view our 2006 accomplishments listed seperately on the Accomplishments page. GJEPannualreport_2006.pdf ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter Fall 2007
Global Justice Ecology Project's E-Newsletter Fall 2007North American Stop GE Trees Strategy Retreat: In August GJEP hosted a national strategy retreat with members of the STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign.  Scientists and experts from the U.S. and Canada met to plan campaign strategies to ban the development and commercialization of genetically engineered trees. Members from the STOP GE Trees Campaign analyzed the latest information on the dangers of genetically engineered trees including contamination of native tree species, the ecological and social impacts of GE trees and the potential introduction of a fungal pathogen associated with some trees.Because GE poplars and ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter Summer 2007
Global Justice Ecology Project's E-Newsletter Summer 2007Welcome to the bi-monthly email update from Global Justice Ecology Project.  In this e-newsletter you will find some brief updates on our work from the last few months, to keep you up to date on the progress of our work. USDA Approves 1st Flowering GE Tree (Eucalyptus): As published in the GJEP April-May E-Newsletter, we issued an urgent action alert against ArborGen's request for a USDA permit for a test plot of flowering GE eucalyptus trees that generated hundreds of comments to the USDA. In July the USDA approved this permit, we are now investigating ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter Spring 2007
Since Global Justice Ecology Project's last E-Newsletter we have been extremely busy.  These short blurbs should paint the the picture.Heartwood Annual Forest Council Keynote: Over Memorial Day weekend, GJEP Co-director Anne Petermann was the keynote presenter at the annual Forest Council of Heartwood, a network of forest protection organizations in the "heartland" of the U.S.--Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky.  Her talk was titled, "Zapatismo, the Art of Acting Locally to Change the World," and addressed the importance of "grassroots globalization" as the counter to corporate globalization.  She stressed the need for international solidarity when confronting problems ...

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GJEP E-Newsletter, April 6, 2007
E-Newsletter #1 April 6, 2007Updates from the Global Justice Ecology Project:* The cover (attached) of the April issue of Z Magazine was photographedby GJEP Co-Director Orin Langelle. He also has several photos on theinside accompanying an article by Norman Stockwell on the World SocialForum.  The link is:* GJEP's other Co-Director, Anne Petermann, accepted an officialinvitation from Via Campesina to attend a meeting on eucalyptusplantations in Brazil this month.  Anne will also represent Global ForestCoalition as their GFC North American Focal Point at this meeting.  Themeeting with deal with the social and ecological impacts of eucalyptusplantations.  There is a meeting ...

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From the Co-Directors: GJEP Accomplishments in 2006
The fiscal year 2006 of Global Justice Ecology Project was extremely eventful.  Two things stand out in particular: we became the North American Focal Point of the Global Forest Coalition (based in Paraguay and The Netherlands, with Focal Points in regions all around the world); and World Rainforest Movement (based in Uruguay) agreed to become the Southern Hub of the STOP GE Trees Campaign.Both of these important affiliations enable us to work more closely with rural and indigenous communities around the world that are fighting the social and ecological devastation of industrial timber plantations.  They also ...

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GJEP at the World Social Forum, January 2007
Global Justice Ecology Project at the World Social ForumNairobi, Kenya January 20-25, 2007Global Justice Ecology Project Co-director Orin Langelle traveled to the World Social Forum in Nairobi as part of a Global Forest Coalition delegation tasked with raising awareness about global warming and proposed false solutions to global warming (including GE trees) by highlighting their impacts on forests and indigenous peoples.  Presentations with which GJEP was involved included:"Environmental Justice or Environmental Markets 2: Biofuels, a disaster in the making", organized by the Global Forest Coalition, the Indigenous Information Network and the Pacific Indigenous Peoples Environmental Coalition.  This workshop focused on the ...

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STOP GE Trees Campaign in 2006
STOP GE Trees Campaign AccomplishmentsActions Against ArborGen in the Southeast US The STOP GE Trees Campaign launched a major  organizing drive in the Southeast US in September and October 2006.  The Southeast US is a global hub for research and development (R&D) of genetically engineered trees.  It is home to the headquarters of ArborGen, the world's leader in GE tree R&D, and there are hundreds of outdoor field trials of GE trees throughout the region.  We organized a series of events in response to "Forest Management with fast-growing timber plantations," a major ...

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GE Trees Campaign International in 2006
Global Justice Ecology Project Becomes North American Focal Point of Global Forest Coalition In November of last year, Global Justice Ecology Project began negotiations with Global Forest Coalition regarding the formalization of the relationship between Global Justice Ecology Project and GFC.  Through this meeting and a follow up meeting at the World Social Forum, Global Justice Ecology Project agreed to become the North American Focal Point for Global Forest Coalition.  Acceptance of the position as focal point means GFC will support one representative from Global Justice Ecology Project to attend ...

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Connections Program in 2006
Connecting the Dots Program AccomplishmentsCommunity PotlucksFrom April 2006 through March 2007 we organized seven monthly Hinesburg Community Potlucks.  We now have close to 100 people from our local community on our potluck mailing list.  The potlucks addressed numerous timely issues such as the growing movement of soldiers against war and the rising anti-war movement in Vermont; the campaign to shut down the School of the Americas in Fort Benning Georgia and action taken by Vermonters to stop torture, a Vermont campaign against lawn chemicals; the potential impacts of global warming on Vermont; ...

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