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"The sphere of rock on which we live coalesced from the dust of ancient stars. And between its dynamic surface and the vacuum of space, in a film as thin and vibrant as a spider's web, lies the fragile miracle we call the biosphere. Within this realm, every organism is linked, however tenuously, to every other.  Microbe, plant, and mammal, soil dweller and ocean swimmer, all are caught up in the cycling of energy and nutrients from the sun, water, air and earth."

Global Justice Ecology Project's mission is to build local, national and international alliances with action to address the common root causes of social injustice, ecological destruction and economic domination.  There is no better example of the interrelation of these issues than climate change.  For this reason, GJEP has reframed our programs for indigenous rights, protection of forests, and global justice, as well as our work against militarism, economic domination and genetically engineered trees under the umbrella of climate change, since it touches all of these issues.

Climate change may well be humanity's greatest challenge.  It is a crisis that must be rapidly addressed if catastrophe is to be averted.  Already the impacts are being felt by millions in the world's most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Climate Change is at once a social and environmental justice issue, an ecological issue, and an issue of economic and political domination.  As such, it must be addressed through broad and visionary alliances.

To successfully address the climate crisis, we must identify and address the deep root connections that link it to the myriad other crises we face- economic, militarism and war, as well as the intertwined crises of food, water and biodiversity loss.  These crises are unified by their common roots in an economic system that encourages banks and corporations to ignore ethical and moral considerations and gamble with the Earth, peoples' lives, and our collective futures in the service of higher profits.  To paraphrase neoliberal economic pioneer Milton Friedman, 'the corporation cannot be ethical.  It's only responsibility is to make a profit for its shareholders.'

Successfully addressing climate change will require a fundamental restructuring of our society that, if thoughtfully done, can lay a new foundation that will simultaneously help us achieve both global justice and ecological balance.

Please read our full Climate Change statement in the pdf above.

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